We are an organization extending Corporate LIAISON SERVICES only and have  infrastructure for promotion of sales of products of any company through a network spread all over India & Nepal. We also undertake the job for arranging the right associates having this facility. Our extension of services  relate to project orders particularly through tenders or otherwise from the Government of India & Nepal and its States. We are, even, more comfortable in extension of services on Government sponsored programs / projects having particular / individual concept. Though our profile is more exhaustive in the manpower field but we are  equally comfortable with all the departments of The Government of India / its States because of wide experience and exposure and with the support of our associates. It is now an accepted fact that INDIA is an emerging global power and liberalization has opened the Indian market to global players and the entire global market is looking towards India. We, as “Professionals” are stationed in India to work as an extended arm to the organizations to assist them. Being “PROFESSIONALS”, we believe in undertaking calculated risk, without dreading any fear to complete our projects successfully. According to “PROFESSIONALS”, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” provided one has the zeal to complete the project successfully.