Most of cruise lines have a separate information technology (IT) department to operate and maintain onboard computer systems. Nowadays, passengers have become addicted to computer and Internet and look for these facilities even on cruise holidays to keep in touch with their family and friends back home. As a result, cruise lines now are equippedonboard Internet cafes. Job positions in IT department include of a Computer System Manager, Shipboard Information System Manager, Computer Systems Hardware Technician and Internet Manager. Applicants are required to possess thorough knowledge and experience in managing computers, network operating systems, software applications, and Internet services.

Computer Systems Manager

Computer Systems Manager looks after the entire operations within the IT department. He is responsible for managing all aspects of computer system operations that include development of computer networks, installation and upgrading of hardware and software, programming and systems design, and implementation of Internet and intranet sites. The position requires a Bachelor’s degree in information technology along with a previous experience in managing IT infrastructure. Good command in English language is required for the position.

Salary normally ranges between US$ 6000-7000 per month, depending on the cruise lines.

Shipboard Information Systems Manager

Shipboard Information Systems Manager looks after day to day operations of AS/400/Windows NT/POS platforms. The position requires 1-2 years of experience with AS/400 and Win/NT systems. Knowledge of managing POS platform is a big plus. The position also requires living onboard for four months at one stretch. Fluency in English language is a must.

Salary for the position ranges between US$ 6000-6800 per month, depending on the cruise lines. 

Computer Systems Hardware Technician

Computer Systems Hardware Technician is responsible for installation and maintenance of computer software, hardware, computer networks, E-mail systems etc. He/she also provides training to passengers in using computer applications. The position requires a 2 years of college-level coursework in IT/computer science along with 2 years of experience in managing IT infrastructure. Fluency in English language is required.

Salary for the position ranges between US$ 5000-5700 per month, depending on the cruise lines.

Internet Manager

Internet manager should have the knowledge of Internet network configurations and be able to solve Internet related problems on demand. Position requires basic computer knowledge as well as excellent customer service skills. Applicants should have good oral and written communication skills in English Language. Pleasing and outgoing personality is a plus.

Salary for the position ranges between US $ $2100-2400 per month, depending on the cruise line.