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Learn to Earn JOBS ON CRUISE LINER (100% JOB Assistance) 

Courses We Offer

Food & Bevrage Services:

(Service Department Cover):-

a. Restaurant waiter / waitress

b. Kitchen Stewards,

c. Galley Utilities


a. Bar waiter / waitress

b. Bartenders

c. Barboys

Housekeeping Department

Housekeeping Attendant (Cabin / Public Area)


Storekeeper/ Store man


a. Laundry attendant

b. Linen Keeper

Training Partners

Joncia Marine Services

Each application will be assessed as per the recommended criteria and he/she will be advised as to the best career options. Courses are based upon time modules & we Endeavour to complete the syllabi in the allotted time frame, but the emphasis would remain on the proper and complete training of the candidate.

The topics have been selected to mould the candidates outlook so as to enable him/her to perform their job to their maximum abilities. Besides the JIH standard of work training; the syllabi covers various topics such as customer care & satisfaction ; personality development, grooming; health is wealth; cultural & racial differences; anger management, Yoga(basic), confidence building, psychometric analysis, Life on board, visits, Industry lectures and an updated & ever evolving syllabi.

The vastness of Indian cuisine encompasses a palette' that any artist will envy! Indian Cuisine is generally separate in each region and the training Includes full understanding, learning, even unlearning the regional genetic food disposition that each candidate comes with.

·  Registration @1500/- (non-refundable)

·  Course Fee @ 49000/-

·  Placement Fee @ one month salary

·  Accommodation @200/- per day

·  Criteria for Students eligible for the Course : 

Boys Min. Height 160 Cms. / Weight 60 Kgs, Girls Min. Height 150 Cms./ Weight / 45 Kgs. 

Age 18 to 26 Years for freshers / Upto 29 Years for Students who have min 2 /3 years work experience. 

No physical disabilities , No visible Tattoos ( can be removed if necessary) or Scar on the face. 

 Allied Niche Service Sectors





Salad Maker

Coffee Maker

Culinary Solutions for Great Careers Ahead

Hot Kitchen (Continental ).


Carving & Decoration.

Pantry/ Breakfast.

Pastry & Confectionary.

Coffee Maker

“Let food be thy medicine” Hippocrates

India !! Most people speak about Indian cuisine and have various ideas about it. At JIH, we respect the regionality of our varied foods and ensure that the basics of our culinary vastness are explained and imbibed. The cuisines include North Indian (Punjabi, Kashmiri, Pahadi etc.) South Indian (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Cuisine etc.) East Indian (Bengali, North eastern states etc.) Western Indian (Gujrati, Goan, Konkan, Malavani etc.) as you derive deeper the fascination and appreciation of our country increases as we learn the reasons behind the colony styles and techniques. The THALI, for ex., is a beautiful and complete meal incl. Starters, appetizers, condiments or preserves, deserts etc. WOW!! The deserts of Indian include Gulab Jamun, Phedas, Rasgullas, Payassams, Bebincas, Kheer etc. It is a matter of pride to be a part of spreading our culinary vastness with the world. You are the ambassadors!!